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WorkSource Southwest Georgia Policies


Administrative & General

Adoption and Dissemination of Procedures Policy


Travel Reimbursement Policy


Written Notice Required for Agenda Policy




Procurement & Contracting Policy

Nepotism Procedures Procedure

Property Management Policy

Equal Opportunity Complaint and General Grievance Policy and Procedure

Programmatic General Grievance Complaint Form Regarding Policy

One-Stop Certification Policy

Rapid Response Policy

Disaster Response Plan Policy

Region 10 Disaster Plan-Emergency Contact List

​Records Retention Policy

Board Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct

Georgia Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) and Eligibility for New Training Providers or Eligible Training Providers Submitting New Programs Policy

WIOA Allowable/Unallowable Costs

Pre-Award/Contract Renewal Risk Assessment Tools

Confidentiality and Security Policy

Adult/Dislocated Workers/Youth

Local Demand Occupation List Policy

​Supportive Services Policy

Individual Training Accounts Policy

​Youth Incentive Stipend Policy

Youth Requires Additional Assistance Policy

Eligibility & Priority of Service Policy

​Adult & Dislocated Worker Work Experience Policy

Customized Training Policy

Short Term Pre-Vocational Services Policy

Family Size Income Determination and Self Sufficiency Standards Policy

Transitional Jobs Policy

Youth WEX Policy

Incumbent Worker Policy

Relocation Assistance Policy

On-the-Job Training Policy

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